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Classroom video for students


Classroom video for students to watch showing how we can help save the oceans from plastic pollution.

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Philippe Cousteau


Interview with Philippe Cousteau from EarthEcho International (Washington USA) - Youth In Action video.  

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My Earth Echo Virtual Field Trip


My video that launched the Earth Echo Plastic Seas Expedition school resources.

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Behind The News - ABC


Behind The News, ABC, see the interview about my special friendship with a real life pelican.  Storm Girl!  

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The Project - Channel 10


The Project, Channel 10, did a story on my fishing line collection bin project, you can watch the video here.  

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ABC Interview


ABC Open Interview on plastic pollution.  I am fighting the War On Waste and our discarded fishing line problem.  

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Presentation for school students - Plastic Free Seas

This is a video I did with Philippe Cousteau from EarthEcho International that empowers students and shows them how to get excited and inspired about taking action to prevent plastic pollution.  

These resources are free of charge to any teacher of classroom around the world. 

Behind The News ABC interview - Storm Girl Shalise

Behind The News ABC interview with Shalise Leesfield and her pelican best friend 'Mr Percival' and Shalise's fishing line collection bin project.  


The Project interview Channel 10 - Storm Girl Shalise

The Project Channel 10 interview with Shalise Leesfield and her feathered side kick 'Mr Percival' and the pelican Miri she helped save.  


"My dream is that plastic will become extinct and not our beautiful marine life" - Shalise's ocean support

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